Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Google won't Read Your Gmail Emails Anymore for Serving Ads

According to a New website article on Google's blog, Google can soon stop scanning emails on its Gmail or email services for ads purposes.

Gmail scans user emails on Gmail for many different purposes. These include to be sure that they don't contain spam or malware, and also to use the data for advertising purposes.

Privacy advisers have criticized Google for the practice, and then Microsoft never unsuccessful to mention the thing and even used it in the company's famed Scroogled advertisement campaign.

Google uses the data that it gains from the scans, and information it gives about the user from other methods, to display the focused advertisement to the user.
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Google advises that in Gmail's Terms of Service : 

  • Our automatic systems analyze your content material ( including e-mail ) to give you personally relevant product or service features, for example, customized search results, customized advertising, and spam and virus detection. This testing occurs as the articles are sent, received, so when it is stored.

  • G Suite’s Gmail already is not used as input for advertisements personalization, and Google has decided I would follow suit later on this year in our free consumer Gmail support. Consumer Gmail articles are not used or scanned for ads personalization after this modification. This choice brings Gmail advertisements in line with how we customize ads for other Google products 

The decision was not manufactured by Google's advertisement division, but by the company's Cloud section. The reason behind the decision is that Google's Cloud section believes that companies may not use Google's services because of the security implications that go with checking emails for ad purposes.

Google's G Suite not ever shown email scanning ad to users of the services, but Google feels that company decision makers can still have been confused by it.

The outcome is good for users of the totally free Gmail service: Google plans to stop scanning Gmail or emails for ad purposes.

This does not mean that the free Gmail won't show ad. The advertisement selection method, however, will use additional available sources of data to display advertisements to users on Gmail, for example from searches or from YouTube hobby.

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