Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Resetting Outlook/Hotmail Password By Microsoft Account

Outlook uses Microsoft while the pre-defined account type meaning if you are ready to reset the password of your own Microsoft account it will automatically repair your outlook password additionally. Not only this, Microsoft account is the pre-defined account kind for all Microsoft services including outlook, Xbox, Skype, One drive and so on. Thus, when you are changing the password of your own Microsoft account you then are also modifying the password for all those mentioned services.

Here's How to Reset Password for your own Microsoft Account.

Step 1. Go to Reset Password Page & click on "I Forgot My Password" & hit next.

Step 2. Enter the email and phone number associated with your Microsoft account & click on next.

Step 3. Choose how you would like to collect the first time security code. You may choose either e-mail and phone number 

to receive the code.

Step 4. Enter the high-security code that you have just received on your e-mail & phone & click on next.

Step 5. Now, set up a new password for your own Microsoft account & confirm the changes.

Resetting Outlook/Hotmail Password By Microsoft Account

Step 6. That's it. Now you can sign your outlook/Hotmail but this time use the new password to log in & it should work just flawlessly.


1. This method will not work if you forgot your E-mail and mobile number associated with your own Microsoft account.
2. It won't work if you are not using Microsoft as your default account type for outlook.
3. It will probably mess up the settings of all your Microsoft services.

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  1. I was looking for just how to Resetting Outlook/hotmail Password By Microsoft Account. Now you can reset the password easily


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