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Guide to Hotmail/outlook Account Login & How to Login Securely

You may have missed out the transition from Outlook to Hotmail, but here is a guideline that will help you understand the method. You can even create your new outlook/Hotmail login accounts, which requires you sign into outlook/ Hotmail.

Guide to Hotmail/outlook Account Login

Previously, Outlook was once known as Hotmail, if you can still remember & go through the record . Well, Hotmail/outlook was developed in 1996, & you can still go to the login page through https ://hotmail .com, and you will be redirected https: //outlook .live .com/own /.

Take note that Hotmail allows you to gain access to the e-mail & other Microsoft providers, such as OneDrive, Skype, & Office365. The sign in the process should be the same for each Microsoft accounts, which include Outlook .com, Skype, Live Mail, and Hotmail.

Guide to Hotmail/outlook Account Login and How to Login Securely

However, the process of signing into another operating system & device will vary. After you land to the outlook .com page, you have to type your Microsoft accounts & password.

After doing this, you can reach the Hotmail inbox, now called Outlook Mails. You will still access the old outlook/Hotmail e-mails & contact through outlook .com. You might also visit the login support page should you encounter any problems related to your outlook/Hotmail accounts login.

2-Step Verification For Hotmail/outlook Login When you have lots of sensitive individual and business details on your outlook/Hotmail accounts, it is best to use two-step authentication. Thus, you have to type added security code when you type the password for your Hotmail/outlook login. This is sent through e-mail, texts, and an authenticator app.

You can also disable the two-step verification code.

Just go to Microsoft Accounts Settings
  1. Security & Privacy
  2. More Security Settings
  3.  two-step verification
  4.  Turn-off two-step verification. login two-step verification can also be allowed by following the same process, but you need to click.
  5.  Turn on two-step verification.  


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