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How to Login Gmail Account Securely & Secure Gmail Through HTTP

Secure Gmail through HTTPS Is the Only Method 

See that secure HTTPS connections over TLS/SSL are, by April 2014, the default & single option for all Gmail clients & sessions; you will need not do anything special and change every setting, neither of them in Gmail nor in your current browser.

How to Login Gmail Account Securely

How to Login Gmail Account Securely & Secure Gmail Through HTTP

Access Gmail Much more Securely through HTTPS

To encrypt all of the traffic between your current web-browser & Gmail thus a traffic scanner on, say, the local network & a public WLAN cannot decipher it:

  1. Access Gmail utilizing https ://mail .google .com/ . 
  2. Mention the 's' at the end of "https". 
  3. Type "https://mail .google .com/" into your current browser's address bar manually; and then, you will create a bookmark. 

Do look out for people in your own back reading along ! The e-mails are not encrypted on your own computer's screen, & people may find you typing your own password, too. Gmail two-step authentication provides a few protection from the later being exploited.

Force Gmail to Always Apply a Secure HTTPS Connection 

Encrypted HTTPS connectivity always & automatically : 

  1.  Follow the Settings link in Gmail. 
  2. Go to the General category. 
  3. Make sure that Always use https is selected under Web browser connection.
  4. Click on Save Changes. 

Notice that HTTPS connections might be slower than the use of Gmail unencrypted. Enforcing HTTPS with the setting above can also cause mistakes on a few mobile phones & emails mail checkers.

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