Thursday, 7 December 2017

How to Login Yahoo Mail Securely | Sign in Your Yahoo Mails

Yahoo, Gmail, & other e-mail providers switched to Authentication 2 or turned Basic Authentication off by default. When you attempt to add the accounts to Outlook, you are unable to authenticate because Outlook uses Basic Authentication, not Authentication 2. When you log into the website to allow basic authentication, you are warned that it is a less secure login.

Sign-login in Your Yahoo Mails

How to Login Yahoo Mail Securely and Sign in Your Yahoo Mails

If you enable two-step verification (also known as multifactor authentication), you can turn off the 'use less secure login' setting but you will need to use an app password in Outlook. I recommend using two-step verification & disabling less secure logins. Yes, it can be annoying (especially if you do not always have your phone handy), but 2-factor verification is more secure.

For more information about Gmail accounts & the less secure app warning, see Gmail in Outlook: unable to connect to e-mail. When Google's 2-Step Verification is enabled for Gmail accounts, you do not need to enable less secure apps, you will use an app password to log in with instead.

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