Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Login Outlook | Instant Message Lync Conversation from Outlook

I discovered a good feature yesterday that highlights the power of what will happen when Microsoft Lync 2013 Enterprise Voice & Microsoft company Exchange 2013 work together.

Login Outlook  Instant Message

I opened up an upcoming Outlook meeting to send an e-mail to all of the participants, & after I clicked on the Respond key in the meeting taskbar, I found that I could really send immediate messages from the regular meeting. My mind was instantly flooded with the probabilities of being able to Instant Message both the meeting creator & all participants.

 Instant Message Lync Conversation from Outlook

Personally, I am stricken with the persistent disease one-more-thing-itis, which usually has me running about five mins late to everything, & I thought, wow! Now, after I am running behind, I could just Instant Message everybody & tell them We will be right there!
and, for a lot more punctual crowd, you may like this feature for searching when latecomers like me would be arriving.

Regardless, it’s a quick & simple way to get a group Instant Message moving when discussing the conference topics, during, before, & after a Lync call.

In the Outlook meeting windows, click Respond > Reply All of them with Instant Message, & enjoy the collaborative magical of Lync & Exchange.

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